I love games. Games have been one of my few consistent interests in life. I love playing them. I love reading about them. I love listening to podcasts about them. Unfortunately, I also love buying them. And it’s not just video games, it’s tabletop games as well. Now, given how vigorously I have professed my love for games, one might assume that I play a lot of games. Unfortunately, as constant as my love for games has been, it is one of the last things I typically make time for. As a result, my pile of shame, both virtual and in real life, has become massive. This is not necessarily a “problem” except that many of the games in that pile of shame are games I specifically wanted to share with my boys. There is a solution, though.

The solution: Play More Games!

It would be easy to lay most of the fault at the feet of Steam. Steam’s legendary sales have definitely been a major factor in the growth of my pile of shame. The explosion of bundle sites, especially Humble Bundle, certainly have not helped either. But really, the fault is my own. My pile of shame now stretches back 30 years and encompasses hundreds of games. I have taken to referring to it as the gamer equivalent of a ticking biological clock, and it is really a matter of setting priorities. Less work, and more play, especially when it is play with my family. It actually seems like a laudable goal to me.

I know it will be a tough task, but I think I am up to the challenge. The best part is that I will have the support and assistance of the entire Millgeek family. Logan is particularly eager to help me tackle the tabletop games. Riley has his eye set on challenging me in a bevy of PC games. I can’t really explain its appeal, but I love watching streams on Twitch. I have set up my own Twitch profile with the specific intent of streaming my deep dive into the oldest, most retro sections of my pile of shame. And the best part is that with our site finally up and running after years of procrastination, I have my own little spot on the Internet to declare how games in the good old days were better than the stuff the kids play these days.

Or not. I can’t seem to find my rose-tinted glasses.

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